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Immurich Cap

Health for all by 2000 AD” was a Dream of WHO which is still in darkness. Reasons of its failure are not the Govt. but changing trends of health problems.
Environmental changes, Air pollution ,Water pollution, Dangerous habits like smoking, tobacco, alcohol and Stress ,Physical Inactivity, Increasing incidence of Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart diseases, Drug toxicities and many more.
What is the solution? We can not change the environment but we can change ourselves by ensuring Good Diet, Healthy habits, Exercise, Yoga, Meditation and Best Health Supplements which we didn't get from our food. But they are very essential to maintain health in good condition means good immune power to fight with diseases.
Dhanwantari launched a simple answer for these health problems.
“Cap. ImmuRich” a unique Combination of Immunoglobulin, PRPs, Lactoferrin, Growth factors, Vitamins and Minerals extracted from Cow Colostrum by patented technology.
Cap. ImmuRich is a multiage sword to defeat enemies of health, as well ensures the healthy growth of individuals.

Dhanwantari's Cap. ImmuRich
Insurance of Immunity


What is cow colostrum?
Colostrum is the pre-milk substance produced from all mammals at birth. True cow colostrum is the pre-milk in the udder when the calf is born. This true cow colostrum can be collected during the first milking within 16 hours after birth.
After this it becomes transitional milk and after 5 days after birth it is milk.

"Cow Colostrums offers tremendous possibilities for providing Unparalleled support to the immune system that may be deciding factor in the body's war against illness." 

What Are the Major Components in Cap.ImmuRich?

1   Immunology:
All viruses, bacteria, protozoa will be more sensitive to antibiotics, antifungal, anti protozoa, drugs along with consumption of CAP. ImmuRich. So it gives better results in Resistant Tuberculosis, Resistant Malaria, HIV, and Herpes Zoster.
  B Hyper Immune:
Allergic Rhinits, Bronchitis, Eczema, Urticaria.
  C Auto Immune:
Rheumatoid Arthirtis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, GB Syndrome, MS, SLE, ITP.
2   Haematology:
Dengue, Bone marrow suppression, ITP, Neutropenia, Leukemia.
3   Diabetology:
IDDM, NIDDM, Diabetic Foot, Complication of Diabetes.
4   Nephrology:
CRF, Dialysis Regarding complication, kidney transplant Rejection.
5   Cardiology:
Ischemic Heart Disease.
6   Oncology:
Adjuvant to chemo therapy & Radio therapy.
7   Gynacology:
Irregular Menses, Puberty & Menopausal disorders.
8   Obstretics:
IUGR, Polyhydromnios, Pre-eclampsia, Oligohydraminios.
9   Pediatrics:
Neonatal sepsis, Infantile Diarrhea, Repeated Infection, Malnutrition.
10   Neurology:
Alzheimer Disease, MND, Mental Retardation, CVA, Facial Palsy.
11   Orthopedics:
Early Healing of Factures, Osteoporosis, Oesteo arthritis.
12   Surgery:
Early healing of Wounds & Sutures.
13   Burns and Plastic Surgery:
For Early Recovery.
14   Dermatology:
Psoriasis, Pemphigus, Steven Johnson Syndrome, Lepra Reaction, Eczema, Urticaria.
15   Respiretory Disorders:
Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis.
16   Gastro Enterology:
Hyper Acidity, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Diarrhea of any cause, Liver Cirrhosis.
17   ENT:
Allergic Rhinitis, Adenoids.
18   Opthalmology:
Allergic conjunctivitis, Diabetic Retinopathy, Dryness of Eyes.
19   Dental:
Chronic Mouth Ulcer, Periodantitis.
20   Gerentology:
As Immune Booster.
21   Muscular Diseases:
Muscular Dystrophy.
22   Nutrition:
Perfect Health Nutrient for all age group for Quality Health.

The following dosage are recommended to take before food for 30 mins.

1-5 years 1 Capsule once in a day with water.
6-10 years 1 Capsule two times in a day with water.
11-16 years 1 Capsule three times in a day with water.
In very acute condition 4 capsules four times in a day with glass of water.

1-5 years 1 Capsule once in a day with water.
6-10 years 1 Capsule two times in a day with water.
11-16 years 1 Capsule three times in a day with water

Half Life:
Dhanwantari Capsule ImmuRich is having half life of 16 hrs.

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